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Our Story

Working with metal - it's a family tradition

IBX Custom Metal, LLC was launched in 2023 by Nicole and Stephen Riggs. Inspired by family business trade traditions and by observing the creativity, grit and tenacity of those that have come before them. Nicole and Stephen have put their experience, knowledge and creativity to work in the manufacturing space of high speed, laser cut flat metal.

Laser Cut Steel

Our Story

The right combination of education and experience brings IBX Custom Metal, LLC to live.

IBX Custom Metal is owned and operated by the Riggs'. Thier focus is on laser cutting fittings and parts needed for commercial applications. They are able to provide customers with extensive options with their digital catalog of over 4000 fittings and parts. In addition, they laser cut and manufacture custom firepits. With over 65 years of combined experience, the Riggs' are proud to be part of American manufacturing and promoting American self-reliance.

We are IBX Custom Metal LLC

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