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Its a magnet!

A whimsical, hand-painted, American stainless steel,  elusive Fluck-A-Duck, flying fluck will let people know you care and that you really do give a flying fluck. Let some one that has lost thier last fluck know you have thier back by reminging them you actually give a flying fluck about them. Use this beauty to remind you of things you should probably give a fluck about. 


Fluck-a-Duck, Flying Fluck Magnet

  • Made in USA from American 20 gauge, stainless steel. Measures 3.5 inches from beak to tail, and 1 14/16 inches from tip of wing to bottom of belly. Each letter of the entire F word  is ~1/4 inch. Magnet on the back. Due to hand painted nature these magnets may vary slightly. 

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