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Moose is a resilient dog that has experienced great adversity, and triumphs in his two years of life.


Moose was adopted from an animal shelter in North Carolina. He was suffering from severe malnutrition. As a result, he had significant bone nutrient loss, muscle loss, hip and shoulder dislocations, and pain everywhere when he tried to move. He also experienced fear and anxiety.


Despite all of these things, Moose did not lose hope. The kind people at the animal shelter, along with his adoptive family saw this glimmer of life in him. Compassionate people rallied around him, gave him love and care to help and support him on his recovery journey. It was not easy.


Moose’s healing journey is not over. It’s going to take time for Moose to recover from all of his medical issues. He will always have some problems from his ordeal. He is making nice progress every day. He can move about without pain and he wags his tail constantly.


Moose has even has started a job! Moose is the official greeter at IBX Custom Metal, LLC. He is still learning all the qualities that make a good greeter. Moose also sits in on a number of team meetings and makes suggestions as he sees fit. He wanted to do something to help other animals that need a new start.


“Moose’s choice” ornaments were selected by him to showcase some of the things he gained with his second chance.

  • Moose does not have pain, can move and run
  • Moose has a safe home and loving family around him
  • Moose has new family members with paws, just like him! They keep him moving and remind him of all the other animals that still need to be adopted.


$1 from each of “Moose’s Choice” ornaments will be donated to a local animal shelter.

"Moose's Choice" I Can Run Ornament

  • Made in the USA from American 20 gauge stainless steel. Measures 3 inches long and 1 & 3/4 inches wide. 

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